What is twwit.com?

twwit.com allows you to have private conversations
between multiple twitter users
It is very easy to use. You just need a twitter account.
(You can create a free one here).

Why is twwit based on twitter?

The answer is easy: 170,000,000 users.

Yes but...

twitter has 3 weaknesses:
- you can discuss in private with only one person at a time,
- this person must follow you otherwise you can't send a private message (DM),
- the tweets can't have more than 140 characters.

If we want to exchange ideas with friends or family, to brainstorm with collegues or customers, we must use other tools. Frankly, they all have disadvantages.

Solutions today

Facebook comes first, especially with the new groups. Disadvantages: all members of a secret group have to be friends (and I don't necessary want to accept customers or collegues as friends). If you use an open group, everything is public. The participant list is public in a closed group and we can also mention Fan pages, but they are public as well...

LinkedIn groups are appropriate too... but you must have a LinkedIn account and it takes much more time to create than it does to create one in twitter. You don't necessarily want your customers to know every detail of your life.

Social CRM tools are perfect, but they are hard to set up and free versions are limited. Not easy.

We can also talk about the Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, etc but authorizations are attached to e-mail addresses: you create a group, you authorize some people by entering their e-mail, they have to sign in, reminders are only sent by e-mail... so, that works great but it's old school.

Last, there are chats and tools like Skype. Skype is good for live conferencing, but not appropriate for following a conversation over time.

The alternative, simple & easy: twwit.com

That was our main point: twwit is easy to use. 1 click to create a discussion then, just enter the twitter usernames of the participants and that's it! Could it be more simple?

Discussions are privates, i.e. you must be invited and identified with your twitter account.
To inform participants, you have 2 choices:
1) check the box "Send a tweet to invite",
2) or send by e-mail the short URL of the discussion
It is the same for the updates.

Many people think 140 characters are not enough, we authorize more than 1,000 characters + asynchronous video chats.

Maximum Security

We use OAuth protocol to pair your twitter account with your twwit account, with no need to communicate your password. You can revoke the access anytime.
Every page is encrypted with 128-bits SSL certificate + your conversations are encrypted before being saved in our database. Even our developers can't read your twwits.

> More on security

Mobility | Multi platform

We thought it was a good idea to developp twwit for web and for mobiles, using the brand new jQuery Mobile. So you can use twwit.com from your iPhone, Android phone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.
We hope you will enjoy your experience using twwit.com. Your feedback is welcome ;-)
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This is a beta version. Feel free to give Feedback. We are looking for translators. Please contact us @thetwwit
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