Your precious twitter timeline!

Why alerts are not done by DM (Direct messages)?

Unfortunately, twitter doesn't allow to send DM to people who don't follow you. Nevertheless, the goal of is to allow private conversations with people who don't necessarily follow you. So you can alert participants by sending tweets or you can prefer to send an e-mail with the short URL to the conversation.

No, we don't pollute your timeline that your followers see!

Few people know that but if your tweet begins with a username (e.g. @username), it won't appear in the feed that your followers see. Only the owner of the @username will received a mention. Your timeline is not polluted by our updates for your followers.
To see all your tweets, people have to consult your profile at
That's why certain people begin some of their tweets with a dot (e.g. .@username) to display an answer to all of their followers.

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